mardi, octobre 12, 2004

It takes a special kind of dork.

I takes some qualities, with such a fierce competition around the blogosphere, to post something so outstandingly disgusting.

Weekly Standart's Schwartz does just that. Easy.

You're used to hackery. You have that useful shell, painfully grown after months, years now, of seeing web based warmongering, that shields you from most of the screeching and grunting. After you got used to the fact that many consider ann coulter a normal person, you can just sit back and relax. Bring them on.

That's when Schwartz goes asymetric on you and unloads his little droppings into your litterary salon. Low blow, i say.

You can mentally send to hell some wild eyed hack fapfaping about war, guns, military or islamofascists. What do you do when someone you deeply despise whispers at your ear his personnal, appalling litterary tastes? You suffer, that's what.

Of course, the author himself blunts that : in the guise of literature critic, it's more of yet another "wanna circle jerk, buddies?" exercises so common among right wing nuts. You know. She's a *COMMIE BITCH COMMIE BITCH COMMIE BITCH*. And a *FEMINIST*. So she's a bad writer. I for one didn't want to know that schwarz feels insecure about his (how do they say?) "manhood", but the main point is here : shields are back. Known territory. Relief.

Yet, that travel to the center of an imbecile's mind is painful : all the bigotry, but twisted into litterary critic.

But beware, lefty people. All righties are not as extraordinarily mediocre as mr schwarz, though the frequency is comforting, i admit. Noticed the "conservative art" (or something) banners at some of the nutcases blogs? Please, someone make an e-museum for them.