jeudi, octobre 14, 2004

Experience you'd rather not have

Linking again to Pandagon, where they go like this :

anything which doesn't prove a conservative victory is the product of the "MSM". It's reminiscent of the worst of CIA/NSA/alien government conspiracy theorists, with the added benefit that it's not only happening in front of your face, but they're paranoid delusions from the people who have the power.

That "msm attitude" doesn't looks new to me, as the far right here in france - a movement very different from the u.s. right wing nuts - just uses that for decades now. Jesse taylor sees it from the conspiracy theory point of view, with a political instrumentalization twist.

I'm afraid this is too optimistic, and that the us nutjobs and our french fachos are becoming bedfellows in paranoia. The big news not being that paranoia indeed exists in their little reptiloid heads, but that it becomes instrumental in their political discourse.

I still hope this is a fever pitch but, precisely, paranoia-as-politics once in the game just doesn't go away. It easy, it mobilizes people and it's unfalsifiable. Yum.

From my unfortunately informed point of view, it goes like this :

The media is swallowing each of dear leader's eructations? It's because the Voice of the Real People has been heard at last, through the lies of the msm.

Lots of media are very militantly rightists? They are only a feeble balance to the msm.

Things are going bad? It's the msm lies, stupid.

You can't really answer this, it's not really an argumentation, rather an act of faith, a logical free pass. Add to that it draws strength from the conspiration theories traditions and reflexes.

Maybe it's same old, same old, but maybe there is a drifting here and that "msm", after "silent majority", after "liberal bias" is one step into a very nasty direction, the bunkerisation of the u.s. right.

... Which bring us into Orcinus territory.