jeudi, octobre 28, 2004

Overminds and harnesses

Orcinus mentions projection here, about the republicans being shocked, shocked!, by that crazy democratic political violence. He mentions projection, and of course he's right.
There's something entomologic to the fun you can have looking at the right wing usual eliminationist rethoric occasionally flicker and spark the odd "ooh these democratic thugs!".

Y'know. The half second when the freeper despairs of his political vitcimhood. The unsung burns and blisters of the torch and pîtchfork crowd.

Individually it is projection, i suppose. Yet that explanation is misleading, as we are talking about codified, organized, harnessed projection -and orcinus describes well the various encouragments joe freeper receives from his overminds. That's establishing a power relationship with the liberal ennemy, and has very little to do with the benign mental incontinence of projection.

As a purely technical side effect, accusing the other of what you're doing works usually very well. The only answer is "no it's you who are doing this", and that furiously looks like an opinion vs opinion quarrel, way better than waiting tobe caught red handed. Noticed that decent people usually prefer to avoid the "no it's you!" argumentation?