mercredi, novembre 24, 2004

Taming the hurt

on n’ose pas trop se plaindre, on ne serait que des « sore losers ».


The Dirty Beast nails it on the head with his complaint about the "sore losers" things. In think there would be room for a whole new body of studies about the treatment of complaint in common language un the united states.

How many times in a day do you read, hear things along the lines of "stop whining", or "quit bitching", or more election realted maybe "don't be a sore loser". I see it as a very efficient tools at suppressing complaint. You don't do complaint anymore because complaint is thrown back to your face as weakness. If you have to complaint it must be that you screwed up before, that you lost somehow. The one considering complaint, bitching or whining has to first pass the barrier of his guilt of being in such a position.

The fact that this kind of canned answers to complaint are so widespread (and not a monopoly of the conservatives) is just a sign of how rightist is tilted the political spectrum in u.s. ; this conservative way of speaking has simply been adopted by all.

vendredi, novembre 12, 2004

So, what's up?

Nothing. Resuming normal blogging in a few. Curing the hangover. Listening to borodine, sibelius, grieg, autechre, dwele, moondog and hint. Reading wolcott, who rocks. Life goes on. And all that.

mercredi, novembre 03, 2004

Senator, you have the vote of every thinking person!

- That's not enough, madam. We need a majority!

Adlai E. Stevenson

lundi, novembre 01, 2004

Dead the beast, dead the venom?

Big optimistic matt ponders here about after bush, like that :

How can a President Kerry scale back some of the more egregious abuses of power Bush has committed without getting blamed for being "soft" on terrorism.

Which is still an optimistic way to see the developping terror-fueled-gop thing. If the present gop is a good indicator of the post defeat gop, what is the political use can we expect them to make of, say, a terrorist attack under kerry?

None, right? Sacred unity behind the wussy-dem-that-puts-us-all-at-risk, right?