lundi, janvier 17, 2005

The left as bonsaï

From the wikipedia :

Bonsai (盆栽, literally tray gardening) is the art of growing trees and plants, kept small by being grown in a pot and by the use of skilled pruning, formed to create an aesthetic shape [...].

I should go there, and mention the u.s. left, and its incredible self pruning abilities, as per drum, quoted on crooked timber :

In the end, then, even though I agree with Nathan that some of the fringe issues being litigated today are probably counterproductive for liberals

I just don't get it. Counterproductive how? We want to avoid liberals to be unpopular with bible nuts?

It admittedly comes from a very foreign point of view, but i have the impression that the u.s. left doesn't get that the right is here to simply push, push push, on every issue around, everytime, because they think it's the Right Thing to do.

Push long and hard enough on enough subjects and you have a world with - say - ten commmandments totems everywhere, and a friendlier environment for the next one on the TODO list.

I must be missing something.

added :

No but really. Is there anything in the drum statement other than "i think christians totems everywhere is a legit concern, but let's nevertheless create such conditions as to make these concerns a fringe-left-only topic" ?